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You Can Make Any Car Feel “Super” With This Advice

You Can Make Any Car Feel “Super” With This Advice


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What is a supercar? A supercar is a vehicle with one of the best car performances on the market. They usually have a massive horsepower, often ranging in the high hundreds. They’ve been known to compete and win incredible races. For instance, a Bugatti Veyron once raced against a fighter jet on a runway. They’ve got incredible brake distances. If you want the safest car on the highway, then you also want the fastest. Supercars can often brake in less than two meters, even when traveling at the highest speed. But with all these advantages comes one major problem. Supercars cost an absolute fortune. Nothing in this life in free and we know that’s true for cars more than anything else. If you want a high-performance vehicle, you better be willing to get out your chequebook and write down a few zeroes.

Most of us won’t be able to afford a supercar. The closest we will get is driving one on a track day for a few hours. Once you’ve done that, it can be disheartening to come home to your little old car. But we have good news on that front. With our advice, you can make any car feel like a super machine. That’s true whether you’ve got a new Mercedes or an old banger. Here are some of the best ways you can do this.

Buy Racing Seats

Buy Racing Seats

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We’d be lying if we said the comfort isn’t one of the best things about driving a supercar. It is. As soon as you get inside, those gorgeous, luxury leather seats will hug your body. In some supercars, the seat is a part of the vehicle. It moves as you turn a corner fast, allowing you to feel at one with the machine. It’s an incredible experience and one that’s difficult to replicate in your average car. But you can start by purchasing proper racing seats for your vehicle. Get them installed in your car and you’ll have the comfort of a Lamborghini. In fact, in most cars you’ll have a great deal more space as well. So in a way, you’ve got something that’s one step better than a supercar. These seats can be purchased for around a few hundred and are easy to install. But if you’re having trouble you can always head down to your mechanic.

Lowering The Vehicle

Lowering The Vehicle

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Supercars often hang incredibly low to the ground. It’s not unknown for there to be less than an inch between the bottom of the car and the surface of the road. It sure does make trying to go over a speed up interesting; we promise you that. If you do encounter a speed bump in one of the best supercars, you’re probably going to have to turn around. That said, there’s a brilliant advantage with that lowered suspension. When you’re driving the car, it does feel fast. There are some cars when you’re driving them, no matter what you do, you’ll never feel the speed. Drive at eighty in a land rover and you’ll still feel like you’re cruising at thirty. Some drivers like this but if you want the feel of a supercar, it’s no use. You need to do something about your suspension. You can get it lowered by a professional to a safe point. But remember, as soon as you alter the suspension your car will handle differently. Particularly in the corners.

Upgrading The Tyres

Have you ever wanted to feel like a racing car driver? Of course, you have, and they’re certainly driving supercars. If you want that kind of experience on the road, you’ve got to think about what makes their car different from yours. They’re lower to the ground, and we’ve covered that. The car feels different, and we’ve covered that too. So what else. Well, racing cars have special tyres designed for better to grip and tighter cornering. If you want your car to be able to complete these maneuvers, upgrade the tyres. You’ll soon find that you can take the bends with ease. Goodyear tyres are key players in the racing car industry so you may want to choose their brand for your machine.

Performance Enhancements

Are you buying a new car? If you are, the sales person might have mentioned all those little mysterious add-ons. In most new cars now, you’ll get something along the lines or sports control. Or optimal experience or some other peculiar name. What’s that all about? Well, modern cars these days are running on a processor more powerful than your computer. If that’s the case if you have these features you can change the settings to make your car feel super. It’s just like altering a setting on your computer for watching a movie or playing a game. Little differences will make you feel like you’re racing in your typical vehicle. We do suggest you look at the instruction manual if you’re playing with these settings, though.

That’s all there is to it. With this advice, any car you’ve bought or can buy could feel super.

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