World’s Best Tires Of The Present Day

World’s Best Tires Of The Present Day

Tire is a very important part of a car, cycle, wagons, carts and other heavy vehicles that we see today. With time different kinds of tires with different materials have involved. Necessity is the mother of invention and therefore with time and innovation new designs with new materials have come up. Tire is ring shaped and is used to cover the outer area of a wheel. The stronger the tire is the better is the quality of a vehicle. Rubber is the main component of a tire, both natural and synthetic rubber can be used for making a tire. Carbon black and sulfur are some of the other materials used for making a tire.

In the present day bridgestone tires has been ranked as the world’s best tire manufacturing company. Not only is the entity into manufacturing tires but it has also specialized in manufacturing various types of products. The main raw materials used for manufacturing tires are rubber, carbon black and steel. The company was established in the year 1931; founder Shojiro Ishibashi used the English version of his name to be the name of this manufacturing unit. With the growth of the Japanese automobile industry and the increasing necessity of tires the business flourished to a very great extent during those times. It went on to acquire other business units as well. With time this manufacturing unit expanded globally.


 Bridgestone is also into manufacturing of sport products like Golf balls and Golf clubs. Industrial products, construction materials, electro materials, automotive components are few of the diversified product the company deals with. It is also into the manufacturing of aircraft tires, commercial tires and also heavy vehicle tires. With 180 manufacturing plants, R&D facilities in 26 countries it sells its products in more than 150 countries around the globe.

In India Bridgestone tires have expanded with commercial and passenger tires only. Over a period of 20 years the company has grown enormously and also has reached great popularity. To meet the demand Bridgestone has opened two main manufacturing units in India. Pithampur industrial area in Indore was set up in the year 1996 and the second unit was opened in Pune, Maharashtra in 2013 at the Chakan industrial estate. With the use of advanced technology and the standards followed as per the world’s leading quality check program, Bridgestone delivers very highly sophisticated products to the country. There are over more than 1,000 dealers across India to facilitate the supply of tires.

Bridgestone aims to become a truly global company and also emphasizes in giving quality services to its customers by earning new customers. As a part of responsibility towards the society Bridgestone aims at creating a better environment and also promoting the brand through various CSR activities. In India the biggest competitor of Bridgestone is MRF. With a long term vision Bridgestone aims to create ecological and resource conservation with limited emission of the carbon di-oxide. The main mission of this group is to serve the society with superior quality.

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