Which Car to Buy? Automatic or Manual

Which Car to Buy? Automatic or Manual

While buying a new car, you might think that which car you should buy? Whether a car with automatic or manual transmission. The answer to the question not that simple, as both types of the cars has its pros and cons. The automotive insurance has a slight difference in the policies for manual and automatic transmission.

A detailed comparison between automatic and manual transmission vehicles is given in the points below:


Fuel Economy

The fuel economy has been a myth for most of the people to understand between the automatic and manual vehicles. It was a concept in past that the vehicles with manual transmission have more fuel economy than the vehicles of automatic transmission. But now, it is a fact that the vehicles with automatic transmission are more advanced having better gears resulting in better fuel consumption. The fuel economy can be verified with a car which comes with both manual and automatic transmission. For instance, the manual transmission model of Chevrolet Cruze Eco has fuel consumption up to 33 miles per liter of fuel on city roads and almost 42 miles per liter on highway. While, the automatic transmission version of the same car has fuel economy of 31 miles per liter on city roads while 39 miles per liter on highways. It is evident from the statistics of the car that the transmission do not matter much when it comes to being fuel economic.

Insurance Premium

The car insurance policies for automatic and manual transmission are different. According to a survey conducted in Heber, new generation opt for the automatic transmission cars even they cost a little more, but there is also huge number of people who are comfortable with manual transmission. This is because the maintenance costs of the automatic vehicles are a bit more than that of manual transmission vehicles.

Manual Transmission Vehicles are Cheaper

Mostly, the manual transmission version of a car has lower price than that of the automatic transmission version, but for some vehicles price is same for both. For instance, the BMW vehicles have almost same prices for both manual and automatic transmission versions.Now a days, most cars comes with automatic transmissions, so you will not get a car of your choice with manual transmission. According to estimates after 2013, 67 percent of the cars have automatic transmission.

Resale Value

When it comes to comparing the resale or residual values of the automatic or manual transmission vehicles, the depreciation rate is almost same. For instance, model of an Audi vehicle (A 11.4 TFSI) with versions of manual and automatic transmission having almost 20,000 miles mileage will resale at the price of almost $14,000.


There is no difference among automatic or manual transmission vehicles when it comes to reliability. Your perspective for your choice should not be altered by reliability. When you will use both types of vehicles according to the recommendations provided by the manufacturers, you will never face any problem.

Driving Pleasure

The manual transmission vehicles offer a delicacy of touch, a physical experience that cannot be matched by automatic transmission vehicles. Manual transmission is best for those people who like to be engaged throughout the journey, as they will be changing gears with a hand, controlling steering with other, pushing clutch with one feet and managing accelerator and brakes with the other. While, automatic transmission vehicles are best for the people who like to travel with a leisure and easiness as they can put the vehicle on Drive mode and then drive it throughout the journey without alterations in the gears. Now days, some vehicles are providing both transmissions on the same vehicle, so that they might enjoy riding vehicle in both modes whenever they desire.


In the manual transmission vehicles, you have to change the gears again and again depending upon the traffic scenario on the road. This gives you an edge to change the gear quickly without any delays and the car speeds up or down quickly accordingly. While, in automatic transmission you let the car change gear itself, which may cause a minor delay of one tenth of a second. For most of the drivers it does not have effective change as in manual transmission you have to keep pushing clutch while changing gear and control steering with other hand resulting in some delay to speed up the vehicle quickly.

It can be concluded that whether the vehicle is with automatic or manual transmission, it has its own pros and cons. Most importantly, the “automotive insurance policies of the insurers vary on the basis of the transmission of the vehicles.

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