What You Need To Start Mountain Biking

What You Need To Start Mountain Biking

The world of mountain biking is starting to pick up, as people are starting to look for alternative methods of getting fit. Now mountain biking is not only for those that are looking at becoming fit but they are absolutely awesome when it comes to family holidays, there is nothing better than going on a holiday and cycling along the beach or through the forests with you family, it is super competitive and fun, just the right atmosphere for any functional and dysfunctional family to take part in.

The wonderful thing about MTB (mountain biking) is that it is not just for families but it is now also seen as an Olympic sport, which is just awesome for the community.

Start Mountain Biking

Hang on, isn’t MTB the same as road cycling?

No, mountain biking is not the same as road cycling, even though it does have some instances where riders will ride on the road, there are some very astute differences, mainly in the terrain and the bike.

Before I continue I want to also point out there are also other branches that fall under mountain biking like,

  • Downhill racing – You start at the top of the mountain and race to the bottom and the rider with the fastest individual time is the winner. A very popular downhill event would be the Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah in the USA.
  • Slopestyle – Think Motocross freestyle cross BMX on a mountain bike. Super fun to watch but you have to have a big set to pull off some of those tricks.
  • Mountain Biking – A race through mountainous terrain over varying distances.

Now, most of this bike will have the same type of build, however, the more technical you go the greater a number of gizmos and gadgets you will require for the bike so you don’t end up hurting yourself while out on a ride.

What are the differences within some of the bikes?

Firstly the biggest difference with bikes are the price of them, the higher the price the better the quality and more gizmos that you can have, however, a cheap bike can have more gadgets that an expensive bike but remember it will most likely break sooner.

Anyway, the next big difference will be a size difference, you can get different size frames and different size wheels so that anybody can begin with the sport. It is important to note that bigger bikes will need a specialized or rather bigger towbar bike rack.

After you have found your correct size bike depending what you are doing you can choose to a soft tailed bike, Foxx shocks and the air in your tubes replaced with slime which will help with punctures.

So as you can see there are a whole list of parts you can have with your bike, and quite frankly it can become extremely expensive if you don’t get the correct advice from the beginning. However, the most important item that you will need when you get a bike is towbar bike rack and a helmet.

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