What You Need To Know About Car Tinting

What You Need To Know About Car Tinting

Cars require a significant investment from drivers. However, a newly-purchased car does not come with all the necessary features when you drive it out of the dealership. There are some features that are best applied or installed by a specialist.

Window tinting is one of them. With all the various options available on the market, choosing the best one can be daunting. This guide provides all the details you need to make an informed decision.

applying tinting foil onto a car window

What tinting does for your car windows

Window tinting doesn’t just make your car look good. It provides many functional benefits as well, so it’s something you need to have done. Here are some of the reasons why you should not skimp on car tinting.

1. It protects the skin

The sun’s UV rays are dangerous for a number of reasons. Prolonged exposure has been known to increase the chances of developing skin cancer. It can also speed up the aging process, resulting in more wrinkles and the formation of cataracts.

2. It lowers the car temperature

Because the tinting on the windows blocks a large percentage of UV rays, it prevents the heat from getting inside as well. In tropical countries or regions such as the UAE, this comes in handy. If you get car window tinting in Dubai, for instance, you can effectively lower the temperature inside, making drives more bearable, or even pleasant.

3. It prevents fading

Exposure to extreme heat is more evident inside the car. For instance, the UV rays can cause the upholstery to fade. What’s worse is that the fading is not distributed evenly. The result is patches of faded material, which can make your upholstery look old in some areas.

4. It provides more privacy

You may have seen more luxury cars with tinted windows. This is because quality tinting provides passengers with more privacy.

With greater privacy, people passing by the vehicle won’t be able to see who is inside. It’s a convenient feature for celebrities and politicians who need to get around without being seen.

Types of window films

Before you go to a car interior detailing shop, it is essential to know what choices are available. You don’t want to end up with the wrong type for your car.

1. Infrared tint

Infrared film is just as effective as other types for blocking UV rays. What makes this film popular is its high visibility feature. This means you can still drive without having to worry about the film affecting your vision.

2. Carbon film

If GPS or phone signals are a problem when you drive, what you need is a carbon tint. No metals are used in manufacturing this film, which ensures that you can continue using your mobile devices without any issues.

As compared to other film types, carbon tints are considered more durable and block more heat from the sun. This is a recommended tint material when driving in tropical regions where extended exposure can cause rapid fading.

3. Metallic tint

For a shiny, sleek look, opt for a metallic film. The material can block UV rays and heat at a more effective rate than other types.

On the downside, the metallic components can react negatively with phone signals. If you need to use GPS or your phone while driving, this film is not recommended for you.

Features to consider

As there are many types and styles for window tinting, you will need to determine which one works best for your car and situation. Some of the features you may want to consider include:

  • Shade – this refers to the color of the tint. When picking a shade, consider the local laws as some areas may not allow specific colors or concentrations.
  • Clarity – although window tinting reduces the amount of heat and light that gets through, it should not prevent you from seeing clearly while driving. This is especially important when driving at night, where the tint can make dark roads appear even darker.
  • Solar control – this feature is what controls the amount of heat that gets into your automobile. Consider the environment that you reside in. When opting for window tinting at your chosen shop, think about what temperature makes driving more convenient.
  • Color stability – look for window tints that can last even with years of exposure. This is especially necessary when driving in tropical areas.

Should you apply the tint on your own?

You can purchase and apply the tint by yourself. However, applying the tint is tricky. If you don’t apply it properly, you will end up noticing creases and bubbles.

To avoid any issues, have the tint applied by a professional instead. Take a look at the shops that offer the service and what tints are available. This way, you have a better idea of which tints can be applied to your vehicle and for how much.

Window tints provide a variety of benefits at an affordable price. Talk to a professional detailer about your needs to see which films are best suited for your car.


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