What to Look for in a Quality Auto Glass Repair Company

What to Look for in a Quality Auto Glass Repair Company

Having a car means being a responsible driver. Part of being a responsible driver is ensuring that the windshield is not compromised. You already know that the windshield is part of the structural integrity of the car. It directly protects everyone inside the vehicle in case of accidents.

Keep in mind that in a front-end collision, the windshield provides up to 45% structural integrity of the cabin and in the case of a rollover, windshield provides up to 60% structural integrity. If you are driving with a cracked or chipped windshield, safety is paramount. It is time to consider auto glass Modesto immediately.

The main goal of auto glass repair companies is to preserve if not replace the windshield, which will protect you during accidents. Not all auto glass repair companies are made equal though. With this, it is crucial that you find a high-quality auto glass company. If you do not know where to start, here are some things to look for in a quality auto glass repair company:

Quality Auto Glass Repair Company

If the company deals with OEM glass
The quality of the glass often reflects the material that the company uses. While there are many auto glass companies that manufacture their own glasses, it is crucial that you determine if the glasses are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

If the company provides the best installation materials
Aside from the glasses, you should check the installation materials. These materials will hold your auto glass in place, which is very critical. A quality company will only use adhesive or urethane that has a PSI (Pound-force per Square Inch) of 1,000. This is designed to keep your auto glass securely in place especially during a collision.

If the company uses two technicians for installation
The company should install the auto glass correctly and it is a two-person job. There is only one chance to correctly install the glass so there should be no room for mistakes. A mediocre work can result in a shoddy-looking windshield. Additionally, water and air could possibly enter if the work is sloppy.

If the company removes the cowl panel
Cowl panel is the plastic cover that is located in the bottom of the glass. This must be removed. If not removed, the installed glass and the urethane might be pushed aside. Some companies hurry the job that they avoid removing the cowl panel.

If the company provides superior customer service
It is crucial to find a company that gives a priority to customer service. Whether it is through phone or email, the company should provide a clear line where you can air your concerns and questions.

If the company offers a lifetime guarantee
More importantly, you should look for a company that offers a lifetime guarantee. Quality auto repair company will stand by its work that they offer a lifetime guarantee. This will give you assurance.

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