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Ways of Financing Commercial Vans In The UK

Ways of Financing Commercial Vans In The UK

To maintain your business operations in a smooth manner, you will need a reliable fleet of vans. After the recession, you will find many small scale business owners trying to set up their business with low capital and limited resources. These are mostly owned by local and petty businessmen. These enterprises will definitely need a smooth flow of transportation to deliver goods and loads over long and short hauls in order to achieve future growth and prosperity.

Businesses need highly durable and efficient commercial vans but when you think of buying them, the very thought makes you step backward. As compared to owning, van leasing will be cost-effective as well economical option to consider. The leased vehicle can be also used to fulfil your personal requirements apart from taking care of commercial aspects.


Financing of commercial vehicles are done mainly in three ways, the first option deals with owning a vehicle, after making a payment of lump sum cash. With owning comes several responsibilities too. One of the major responsibilities is to pay taxes and taking care of maintenance issues along with bearing depreciation costs that will result over a period of time. In most of the commercial setups, a commercial van is needed for a period of three years, after that period, they need to change it and go for more advanced model. Hence, for this purpose, it is always better to rely on van leasing deals as in leasing you will be asked to choose between two types of leasing contracts, short term and long term.

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Renting is the second most popular option that is mainly availed by businessmen who needs vans for a period of few days or weeks. In here, you have to hire a vehicle for a period of time by paying some amount of money and use the van throughout this period. It is better for business houses who are in need of vehicles for few days only and not for a longer time.

The third and best option is leasing as it offers the most expensive vehicles at really affordable prices for a certain period of time. Van leasing comes with numerous benefits and one of them is the flexibility option. The leasing deals are extremely flexible in its operation and the clients have immense opportunity to customise the deals as per their wish and needs. However, when looking for leasing deals, you have to be a bit careful and vigilant as the online world is full of unscrupulous dealers. Unscrupulous dealers will try to dope by luring you into unrealistic deals. Along with being careful, you should also indulge into lots bargaining and negotiation before opting for a deal in order to strike the best possible deal in town.

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