Truck Crashes in Canada: What You Need to Know

Car crashes take place every day. From simple fender benders to more serious accidents, there are a huge number of resources out there that cover these kinds of incidents. Because these are the most common types of accidents, it makes sense that there would be plenty of information available online.

But where is the information regarding other forms of vehicular accidents, such as truck crashes? Incidents involving trucks and cars can often be worse than car crashes since 18-wheelers have a lot more mass and make a bigger impact than a car. In the event that your car is hit by a truck, here is a brief guide that covers the basics.

What is required in any vehicle accident?

One thing that remains the same when it comes to Canadian automobile and truck accidents are the steps that need to be taken should an accident occur. The most important steps to take after you find yourself in an accident are as follows:

  • Stop and evaluate yourself and your passengers for any potential injuries or life-threatening issues. Regardless of the severity of the damage done to you or others, call the police to make sure that you receive the attention you need and that the accident is reported.
  • However, if no one is injured and the total damage of all vehicles appears to be less than $2,000 combined, simply call a collision reporting centre to record the incident.
  • If it is safe to leave the car, make sure to do so and record everything that happens on the scene, so that you can refer to this evidence later. If you are able to, put flares or warning cones and lights around the scene to alert other passing drivers about the incident.
  • Get all of the necessary information from the driver for both the police and for your insurance provider.
  • When you have the opportunity, contact your insurance provider to ask for help regarding what steps you need to take next.
  • Under no circumstances should you apologize or take responsibility for the accident if you were the one who was hit by another driver. Saying anything could be utilized by the other driver (and their insurance company) to prevent you from receiving compensation or to force you to compensate the other driver in question.

Seek out legal assistance after a truck crash

As we stated above, truck crashes can often be more dangerous than car crashes due to the sheer size difference between large trucks and regular automobiles. When these types of crashes occur, the damage done can be disastrous and even fatal at times.

In addition, it may be hard to establish a case after a truck crash, as a driver can dispute negligence claims by using truck features such as blind spots or long stopping distances as arguments against the accuser. Having a truck crash lawyer on your side after a crash will give you the extra support you need to handle such a complex and sensitive situation.

For the reasons listed above, it is important that you always pursue legal action when you find yourself in a situation such as this. If you ever get involved in a truck crash, then seek out a personal injury lawyer who can take on your case and help you deal with the resulting damages so that you can receive the compensation that you need to cope with the accident.

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