TriboTEX Best for Your Vehicle

TriboTEX Best for Your Vehicle

Founded in Pullman Washington by Pavlo Rudenko (CTO), a recent Ph.D. graduate in Materials Science and Engineering from Washington State University, TriboTEX began in 2012. Rudenko started development over seven years ago of a lubrication additive composed of two-sided proprietary nanosheets that reverse wear and enhances lubricity in internal combustion engines and large commercial gearboxes. One side of the nanoparticle is sticky, and the other side is smooth. The “sticky side” binds to wear-degraded surfaces, restoring much of the original luster and dimensionality while presenting the “smooth side” to any other surface coming contact with it. The overall result is a diamond-like carbon coating that increases the mechanical stability of the surface and reduces the friction coefficient 10-fold. Rudenko says, “Any moving part can benefit from our technology.”

For most people, cars aren’t just a luxury but a necessity. From getting us to work to picking up kids, we rely on our vehicles for each part of our day. In turn, our vehicles depend on us to run smoothly. However, most of us can agree that cars simply wear over time no matter what we do. But, TriboTEX is transforming all of that. These Vehicle Enhancing Nanoparticles:

– improve your vehicle’s performance
– use technology originally developed by NASA
– are totally affordable

TriboTEX Best for Your Vehicle

Vehicle Enhancing Nanoparticles to Save Your Car

Incredibly, this solution has the power to actually enhance your vehicle in as little as 15 minutes. You simply need to inject TriboTEX into the oil compartment of your vehicle. As your car idles for about 15 minutes, the substance mixes with the oil. With this small dose, you’ll benefit from increased horsepower as well as gas mileage. You’ll even notice that it reduces wear on your car’s engine. Finally, it even minimizes engine noise for a smooth ride.

 How It Works

TriboTEX utilizes technology from the research conducted by US government agencies, including NASA. The incredible nanoparticles have one side which allows them to stick to surfaces while the other side is slippery to reduce friction. This layer of nanoparticles creates a film and acts as repair. The TriboTEX coating applies to the bearings and cylinders which, in turn, decreases ellipticity and increases compression. In fact, it reduces friction ten times more efficiently than oil on its own.

How It Works

 In It for the Long Haul

TriboTEX is compatible with sedans, hybrids, trucks, diesel, and even performance vehicles. It comes pre-loaded in a 20ml syringe so all you have to do is inject. After it’s in, you’ll notice an increase in gas mileage and fuel efficiency after 500 miles. Impressively, a single syringe of TriboTEX is enough for up to eight quarts of oil. That allows you to go a whopping 40,000 miles before the next syringe.

TiboTEX Competition Results

1-Awarded $150,000 Small Business Innovation Research Grant from National Science Foundation.

2-Won the WSU Business Plan Competition and one of 150 finalists in Clean Tech Open

3-Chosen as one of 80 students across the nation to participate in Singularity University, a privately funded corporation that offers a 10-week summer program for graduate students and specialists from academia, business and government to address critical global challenges.

4-Member’s Choice Award at the Licensing Executives Society Foundation International Graduate Student Business Plan Competition in San Diego, Calif.

5-Best Idea Prize for Technology at the University of Washington’s Business Plan Competition in Seattle.

6-National Science Foundation Funding Grant.

7-First prize ($3000 award) in the Palouse Knowledge Corridor’s be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp™ Palouse Challenge

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