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The Ultimate Guide to the Medical Buggy

The Ultimate Guide to the Medical Buggy

A medical emergency can happen anywhere, anytime without a prior notice. And the conventional ambulance can take time to reach the place of an emergency or it may also not be able to reach if the site is crowded or congested. This can delay the medical help reaching the person.

The one-word solution to all these problems is – Medical Buggy.

Medical buggies are the reliable, efficient and cost-effective emergency ambulance utility vehicle. They are ideal for providing rapid on-site medical care in case of emergency. This is the reason they are rapidly gaining popularity at various locations such as airports, railway stations, park resorts, workplace spread over a large area, public events, golf clubs, football clubs, cricket stadium and other large sporting facilities.

Medical Buggy

Features of Medical Buggy

Let us have a look at the features of the medical buggy to understand its importance in a better way.

  • Due to their compact size, the medical buggy also referred as golf ambulance buggy can easily and safely maneuver in and around crowded sites.
  • They can transport the medical team and the patient from one site to another with a fast speed even on the soft and grassy field with minimal ground damage. This feature makes them an ideal choice for cricket pitch, golf clubs, football ground and on all such sports facilities.
  • These are designed to place stretcher as and when required. Unlike other vehicles, the patient does not need to sit or lay uncomfortably.
  • In addition to the removable stretcher, it is equipped with the spinal board, extensive range of paramedic and first-aid equipment and AED defibrillator. The medical buggy is in a way a full package of emergency life-saving equipment that can take care even of seriously injured person till they get shifted to a hospital for proper medical treatment.
  • Two seats in addition to the stretcher and driver’s seat ensure that a physiotherapist or a paramedic staff can always sit there to take care of the patient. This clearly shows that the compact size of the vehicle is not achieved by compromising on any important feature or factor of an ambulance.
  • The medical buggy can easily be turned back into a utility vehicle for carrying goods and people. This feature makes it an ideal option for companies and industries with a large coverage area. Any accident can happen in those places so the medical buggy is a must-have commodity and in the time of need it can also be used to carry goods and people.

Medical buggy would be the most important and ethical investment if you organize public events or own a studio, hotel, resort or places of that sort where any emergency medical situation can happen.

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