The Ultimate Car Battery Guide: How to Buy With Confidence

The Ultimate Car Battery Guide: How to Buy With Confidence

Oh, no! You slept in for too long and missed your alarm clock. You try to throw on some clothes, grab a quick snack, and rush out of the door to your car. You tell yourself that you can make it as you place the keys in the ignition…only for your car to give a weak crackling sound and no juice.

It’s official: your car battery is dead.

Being in these types of situations is the stuff of nightmares, and the worst part is you don’t know when it’ll happen. You need a car battery guide that you can use to purchase a powerful, reliable battery and stay well ahead of the game. The good news is that a guide does exist, and you’ve come to the right place to find it.

This article tells you which battery you should be buying to make sure your car gets only the best of the best. Keep reading to find out more!


  1. Find Your Battery Group Size

One of the very first things that you need to do is locate group size of your battery. Each battery is placed in a specific category based on the measurements of the case as well as the orientation of the battery terminals. Without knowing your group size, you’re likely to buy the wrong battery altogether, so make sure you have that information before you even consider shopping around.

  1. Locate Your Minimum Cold Cranking Amps

This may all sound a bit confusing, but really it’s just stating that you need to know the minimum amount of amps that you need to crank up your car in the cold. The cold weather is the most challenging for a car to start in, and if the amperage your battery offers is below the minimum for your car to start, you can rest assured that you’ll be sitting in your driveway for a long time.

Check your owner’s manual or online for your car’s CCA (cold cranking amps) and get a battery that matches or exceeds that minimal level.

  1. Select the Brand and Warranty

The last thing to do is to select the brand you want to use, as well as the waranty. Each battery usually comes with its own warranty; the less popular or economical brands tend to be more affordable, but also offer have a much more limited warranty than those batteries that cost more or have a name behind them. Only you can make the decision on what’s the best battery brand for your needs.

When it comes to batteries, name changes are pretty commonplace to make room for new additions. If you’re searching for a battery and can’t seem to find the type that you need, you might want to have a look at this conversions chart to see if you can find the correct amperage. You’ll be back on the road in your car in no time!

The Car Battery Guide You Needed

Now that you have a car battery guide, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the right battery to suit your car’s needs. Make sure to check out our site to learn about some other cool things we have to offer to supercharge your life. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy it here!

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