The Most Important Facts about Catalytic Converters

The Most Important Facts about Catalytic Converters

When vehicle’s engine burns fuel, regardless of whether it is gasoline, diesel, or gas, it produces a great variety of gases that are harmful for our environment. In order to protect our environment mechanics and professional engineers creates special catalytic converters for vehicles emission systems that take necessary precautions to minimize harmful impact of these gases.

Experts in emission systems of modern vehicles from explain that catalytic converters are installed in the exhaust lines; to be more precisely, you can find them between the muffler and the exhaust manifold. The main idea of these systems is to use special chemicals as a catalytic for the hazardous gases. As known from the basic course of chemistry at school, catalyst is a chemical which causes a reaction between or among other chemicals without having any direct effect itself. The main purpose of catalytic converters is to change the structure of the pollutants and actually convert them from harmful emission gases into environmental friendly one through the tail pipe which is situated at the rear of a vehicle.

Catalytic Converters

All catalytic converters look like containers and are made of stainless steel. The inside part of these devices depends on the precise construction, but as a rule they are covered with special chemicals, that are frequently called aluminum oxide platinum and palladium, which in fact perform the main function of the tool.

A very important fact about using catalytic converters is that you cannot use leaded gas with these devices, because the lead coats the chemicals inside of the converter. As a result, the whole idea and functionality of the tool is eliminated because the chemicals in the lining do not come in contact with the pollutants.

Some Additional Benefits of Catalytic Converters

As environment norms and codes become more and more strict every day all over the world, machine manufacturers become more creative in terms of catalyst converters and DPF filter use in order to get more sophisticated engine control technologies. Modern cars consume less fuel and as a result the emission of CO2 has decreased over the couple of past years.

So coming back to the benefits of catalytic converters, the main benefits of these additional devices for your cars is undoubtedly significantly lower emission of harmful gases. Most countries of the world have recently signed petition to eliminate harmful emission of gases into the atmosphere within the upcoming 20 years. It means that if you install catalytic converter for your vehicle today you will be able to use your care in the future without any problems, because its emission system will correspond to the new standards in the industry.

The second great benefit is connected to re-sale value of your car. Nowadays even newest models of vehicles are produced without catalytic converters, which means that if you install this system in your care you will be able to get more from it in case of reselling as you will have additional system that corresponds to all high standards of the industry.

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