The Most Common Types of Road Accident

The Most Common Types of Road Accident

Road accidents come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. But which ones are the most common? If you are a driver and road user, then it makes sense that you should know this kind of information. So, read on to find out more.


These kinds of accidents are pretty self-explanatory. When a car slows down quickly, it can catch out the person driving behind them. If that driver fails to slow down or stop quickly enough, then they will slam into the back of the car in front. Sometimes, these kinds of accidents are unavoidable, or they’re not the fault of the person who gets hit. For example, there can be a chain reaction caused by another event out of the two drivers’ control. Someone might step out into the road, causing the driver to slam his or her foot on the brakes. Unfortunately, these accidents are very common and result in may bumper replacement jobs.

Low-Speed Impact

When we think of car crashes, we often think of a spectacular smash that causes devastation. But the truth is the vast majority of accidents simply don’t happen that way. Most people who experience accidents in their car will probably involved in low-speed impacts. These are usually very small bumps that cause minor damage to the body of the car or cars. Many of them happen when a car is backing out of a driveway or parking. The good thing is that they rarely cause major injuries. Having said that, even a small bump can cause someone to suffer whiplash, so anyone involved in a crash should be checked by a doctor.

Trucking Accident

Truck accidents are pretty common on our roads too. Trucks are obviously a lot larger than other vehicles, and this can cause some pretty specific problems. For example, many large trucks have blind spots, and these blind spots can cause drivers to hit other drivers when changing lines. Drivers can be taken by surprise by a truck moving towards them, and this can cause even more trouble. This has caused many crashes, and these crashes can be dangerous when such large vehicles are involved. Steps are being taken by truck manufacturing companies to try to eliminate blind spots on trucks. So, this should make things better and improve safety in the future. But that remains to be seen.


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Intersectional Collision

When a bad driver willfully drives through a red light, intersectional accidents can happen. These can be very damaging if the cars are moving at speed. Intersections always have safety measures in place that regulate the flow of traffic in a safe way. But that doesn’t mean that all drivers follow the rules, and this is where the danger is presented. If people simply followed the rules, then this wouldn’t be such a problem. Many deaths are caused on our roads each year as a result of intersectional collisions. Drivers can only control their own vehicles though, so this is what every individual should focus on.

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