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The All New Genesis App with Google Assistant

The All New Genesis App with Google Assistant

Hyundai for its luxury division Genesis is all set to make it easier for its customers to communicate with their cars especially suitable for today’s tech-savvy customers. The auto brand Hyundai worked sincerely towards developing a smartphone app that can successfully merge the Google Assistant with the Genesis Connected Services account of a customer. Rightly matched up, the vehicle owner can now control a good number of functions by sending text or voice commands with the help of Google Assistant.

As told to us by the Corona Genesis dealer, the Genesis Connected Services is quite similar to all the services of other luxury automakers. This service can be availed on the G80 and G90 sedan models. It would be able to provide variety of operational, safety and driving assistance functions that includes automatic collision alerts and SOS emergency assistance.

Genesis App

App for Genesis Owners

Genesis has taken a step forward to bring more comfort to their owners by allowing them to use their voice as commands to instruct their car functionalities from remote places like from the comfort of their home. They can start the car, lock it, and send destinations to the car from Google Home or Google Assistance. The app is compatible with all Android devices or iPhones.

What it Does

With the new Genesis App, the owners can remotely activate different car features like

  • Blow the horn
  • Switch on the lights using commands
  • Find the car from a full parking lot
  • Set the climate control feature

Once customers link their account successfully to the Remote Service, they can send commands to their Genesis vehicles only when the Google Assistant prompts the owners verify their identity and authority with their exclusive Connected Services Personal Identification Number (PIN).

How it Works

If one cannot remember the PIN number at the right moment, he or she can take the help of a friend or family member who has access to his or her Google Home or smart device and can start the car, lock or unlock it. Genesis Google Home isn’t the first voice device to get integration with the Genesis App, last year Amazon Alexa integration brought the same features to Amazon Echo users. We also recently spent some time with the Genesis G90 and have some of the coolest details you need to know about the car.

Automakers are no strangers to releasing apps that bring vehicle connectivity into a smart-home environment. The latest one pairs Hyundai’s new luxury brand with Google Home.

New Genesis app with Google Assistant

Genesis has introduced a new Genesis app that works with Google Assistant. As described by the Genesis dealer in Corona, this app allows its owners to use voice commands through Google Home, or text commands through the Google Assistant app from a smartphone and send direct instructions to the car.

Genesis Connected Services package

This is a new integrated program that is a part of the Genesis Connected Services package. All the Genesis owners can avail the services of this package that includes three consecutive years of free service, after which they can continue to keep the service active at a price.

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