The Advanced Rider Training Certificate

The Advanced Rider Training Certificate

Most bikers want to perfect their handling, to gain better control of their motorcycle and to improve their riding skills; however, few amateur bike riders have the technique or the knowledge to significantly improve their riding skills. A biker who enrols on the Advance Rider Training course will be taught how to become a competent motorcyclist.

Motorcycle training will teach you to master the motorbike and to become a better rider. Attend an advanced motorcycle training course to become a master motorcyclist. Here are a few things you will learn on an advanced biker course:


Beginners Skills

Amateur motorcyclists will build basic skills before they tackle advanced rider training. The beginner’s course teaches riders how to brake and swerve correctly. Bikers also learn how to manage traction and to corner safely. Once learned, these basic skills will help them to become better and safer motorcyclists.

How to Improve Road Judgement

Riders, who want to master motorbike riding must at all times think three steps ahead. A rider training course will teach you basic skills such as risk management, transitions and impairment. Students will also learn the most common causes of a motorcycle crash and how to avoid a motorbike collision.

Motorcycle Practice

Advance Rider Training enables students to practise driving on a course. The practise course has sharp bends and tight corners much like any road.

Riders who enrol on a training course will learn to take corners and be taught how to handle to a motorcycle safely.

Develop Safety Skills

Advance Rider Training teaches students a wealth of useful motorcycling skills, including road safety and the emergency stop procedure. Students will also be taught how to corner safely and how to reduce target fixation, important skills that help bike riders feel comfortable and in control.

To Further Motorbike Riding Skills

Students must pass the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) and the Intermediary Training course before applying to take an Advanced Rider Training Course.

During advanced training sessions motorcyclists will learn a number of advanced biking skills including:

. Head and eye placement
. Slalom
. Counter balance
. How to ride a figure eight
. How to ride in keyhole formation
. Further development of throttle and clutch skills for optimum manoeuvring and handling

The Advance Rider Training Certificate

Motorcyclists who pass the course will be given a certificate. The newly gained qualification shows they have mastered basic, intermediary and advanced riding skills and are now ready to ride their bikes on the open roads.

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