The 5 Best Honda Motorcycles Ever Made

The 5 Best Honda Motorcycles Ever Made

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? Honda is a well-known brand famous for its quality motorcycles and other vehicles. Have you ever wondered which models were the best of the bunch?

Keep reading to learn more about the best Honda motorcycles ever in production.

best honda motorcycles

  1. Honda Super Cub

The Honda Super Cub, also known in some circles as the Honda Cub, is the most produced motorized vehicle in all of history. The Super Cub is a little motorcycle that was first released on the market in 1958. When it was first rolled out the production team only expected it to last a year on the market.

Since that first year, the Honda Super Cub has been continuously produced every year and still continues to this day. Over 100 million of these motorcycles have been produced which is impressive considering the second-most produced vehicle, the Toyota Corolla, has only had 43 million vehicles made.

The reason why the Super Cub rose in popularity was due in large part to the wonderful customer service the Japanese automaker, Honda, committed to during the winter of 1958. Those customers who had purchased the motorcycle noticed an issue regarding the clutch, so Honda performed repairs at each customer home that winter until the issue was resolved.

Once word got out about the customer service, orders started flying in for the Super Cub and during the 1960s the bike was exported around the globe. The Asian people bought the most due to the model being easy to service, reliable, and easy to start.

  1. Honda CB750

The Honda CB750 is regarded next to the Super Cub as one of the most significant motorcycles that were ever made. Originally launched in 1969, the CB750 had an impressive 736cc air-cooled inline 4 that was mounted underneath the fuel tank. This powerful sportbike could easily reach speeds of around 125mph.

This came at a time when most motorcycles were designed with either a single or dual cylinder model and were less than 500cc. Other sportbikes on the market were being sold at a premium by British makers Royal Enfield, Triumph, and Norton.

When the Honda CB750 hit the market, they were able to bring purchasers a powerful engine with front disc brakes and reliability that was legendary all for an affordable price.

  1. Honda CBX

The Honda CBX was introduced in the late 1970s during a time when many sportbikes had already been on the market from other companies such as Benelli and Triumph. When this model came out it began the craze for Japanese sportbikes in the 1980s and 1990s.

The bike had an inline-6 engine with a 105 crank HP and 53 lbs per foot of crank torque. This was a significant amount of horsepower for the time but what really made this model unique was its ease and rideability. Although it was a powerful bike the heavy clutch was easy to use and the powerful engine responded well to the user.

Another reason for the CBX popularity is most owners agree that it is one of the best sounding motorcycle ever made.

  1. Honda CBR900RR

The Honda CBR900RR is more commonly known as the Fireblade. This bike was in production from 1992 to 2003 and was the first to carry the RR after the displacement number.

This model was created by Baba Tadao who was the leader of the CBR program and known as the “Father of the Fireblade.” It was his goal to create a sportbike that was not only fun to ride but easy to control. A prototype featuring a chassis the size of a 750cc sportbike but with a powerful 1000cc engine was presented to the heads of marketing at Honda and in 1992 they began production.

This model was one of the highest sellers for Honda, making it the king of motorsports during the early 1990s and wasn’t unseated until Yamaha released the R1 in 1998. You can read more now about the popularity of the Fireblade and how it came to become Honda’s leading sportbike.

  1. Honda NR750

The Honda NR750 is responsible for launching the hypersport name. It was the first of its kind to push the limits of what a street bike could be and helped revolutionized what the modern motorcycle would be.

One of the first things the NR750 did differently was using oval cylinders instead of the standard round cylinders. This took years of development to make it work, beginning in the late 1970s with the prototype of the NR500 Grand Prix. The original concept was to create a motorcycle with the power of a small V-8 but get its power from a V-4 in order to follow the GP racing rules.

Next, the NR750 was the first bike to use carbon fiber around the frame. This helped change the feel and look of the superbikes along with moving the exhaust to under the tail, having a single-sided swingarm, and bodywork that is aerodynamic. The NR750 was the first bike to have a digital dash with a digital speedometer.

The digital dash and the single swing arm style inspired the development of the Ducati 916. It also helped lead to the production of the Suzuki Hayabusa, which was the second hyperbike to exist.

This motorcycle is very rare, only 300 were ever sold and none of them were sold in the United States. Although through various auctions and collectors some have made their way into the U.S. but remains a very rare bike to see on the road.

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