Specialist Tractor Attachments

Tractors are amazing. They are some of the most versatile machines out there, and with the right attachments, you can use them for all kinds of landscaping, farming, and gardening jobs. Whether you want to use yours to plow snow or clear land, here are some of the specialist attachments you will need.


To turn your tractor into a true 24/7 machine ready to be used whenever and wherever you need it, you need some light kits. These will make you more productive, not to mention keep you safe and allow you to see exactly what you’re doing.

You can purchase light kits for either the front or back of your tractor. You can get beacon lights to alert others to your presence, bar lights to shine on everything, or work lights with beam bulbs for good focus.

Root grapples

These are perfect for moving logs, rocks, brush, or other types of debris. If you use your tractor for clearing lots or work in the lumber industry, a root grapple could be the perfect attachment for you.

There’s nothing like root grapples for tackling huge piles of brush that would otherwise take forever to clear. The grapple should go well under the pile you’re trying to clear. Dig a bit into the soil underneath so you get as much as possible in the clamp.

Mower deck

Almost anyone with any property can use a mower deck attachment. With a mower deck attached to your tractor, getting the property trimmed down to size becomes faster and easier than you can imagine.

Mower decks are so popular that most manufactures make their tractors mower friendly by default. With a John Deere, for example, you just drive the tractor over it until you hear a click. Then you’re locked, loaded, and ready to go.


Since you can attach things to a loader itself, this is really a multiple attachment. Once it’s on, you can do all kinds of things with it. By itself, the loader will haul dirt, move rocks, and let you get rid of large amounts of snow.

You can also attach a bucket to the loader for carrying liquids, a snow pusher to make cleaning an area of snow a breeze, and even stick on a pallet fork. If you can only get one attachment for your tractor, this is the one to have.


If you do a lot of digging, it will be easier with a backhoe. While a loader will do a bit of digging by itself, there’s no substitute for a backhoe if you have an extensive project in mind. Most of them will let you dig around six feet at a pop.

The average small tractor equipped with a backhoe can manage nearly 300 pounds of dirt at a time, and if you have a utility tractor, you can expect to lift weights closer to 900 pounds.


Attachments are amazing, but some of them add some serious weight to your tractor, especially when they are full of dirt, mud, water, or snow. To keep your tractor stable, you should consider getting weights you can easily put on and take back off.

The weights will allow you to pick up more and at steeper angles without risking your neck or your tractor. If you have uneven property or need to be able to take significant weight up and down more hills than you’d like, it may be best to invest in some weights.

Soil conditioner

If you have a tractor, you’re almost certainly working with some dirt. A soil conditioner will let you tear out old dirt, grade your topsoil, and turn enormous clumps of earth into soft and level ground.

Many soil conditioner attachments have plates you can change out, depending on what type of soil you’re working with. This gives you maximum flexibility and is just one way you can get the most out of your tractor.

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