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Should I Buy a New or Used Trailer?

Should I Buy a New or Used Trailer?

You should always do your homework every time you make a large investment. Buying a trailer is definitely one of these investments — both in terms of physical size and financial cost.

Choosing the right trailer depends on what you’ll use it for. For example, with the popularity of camping is on the rise (77 million households have someone who goes camping!) you might want one that’s appropriate for taking on your camping trips.

Other people may use them as extra office space or simply a way to transport your belongings from A to B.

Before you buy, ask if you should buy a new trailer or a used trailer. Will a used trailer be a bargain? Or will it cost you more money in the long run?

Let’s pit new trailers against their used counterparts to find out which is best.

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Weigh Up the Cost

Trailers can be expensive to buy upfront. They also depreciate quickly, so their value can drop by 37% within 5 years. It would hurt if you’d bought a new trailer without knowing it has little resale value.

That said, a new trailer would still make sense depending on how much you planned to use it. So make that your next question — is this going to be a trailer you use often or occasionally?

If you’re not planning on using the trailer often, buy a used trailer. You’ll get the features you need for less money.

For regular users, you might want to look at newer trailers. They’ll have more up-to-date features and they come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

This will save you money on repairs and replacements. Repairs can be expensive, so saving money with a warranty can make the higher purchase price worth it.

Know the Maintenance History

We’ve just discussed repairs, so now we should talk about maintenance.

One key advantage of buying a trailer with no previous owners is you know its history. New trailers have a clean bill of health and no irritating longterm problems.

If you see a used travel trailer for sale, don’t panic about knowing its history. A dealer will still check the trailer over for any obvious defects or things that make it unsafe.

Yet small issues can slip through. You might buy a trailer whose previous owner used it twice in the last four years. Did he maintain it properly even when it wasn’t in use?

What Are Your Trailer Needs?

We’ve asked you to consider how often you’ll use the trailer.

A used trailer is a great option if you’re new to using them. You can always upgrade to a newer model in the future once you know what you’re looking for in a trailer.

People who have been using trailers for years might prefer to buy new. They know what they’re looking for and can buy the right trailer to fit their needs.

Should You Buy a New or Used Trailer?

The answer depends on your experience with trailers and how often you plan to use it. A used trailer will serve an occasional user well and help them save money on their purchase.

Regular users may prefer the benefits of a warranty to cover all of the extra use. As a regular user, they know exactly what they need so they can choose the right trailer for them.

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