Ready To Race? How To Make Your Car Track Ready

Ready To Race? How To Make Your Car Track Ready

Have you ever wanted to take your car onto the track? You’re in the company of thousands of others who would love to do the very same thing. You can’t just drive onto a racing track with any old banger, though. You’re going to have to make a slew of adjustments; the basics of which, we’re going to cover today.



Service It

Before you do anything else, you’re going to want to do a full service on your vehicle. Pushing it to the limit on a track is going to take a lot out of it, so it needs to be in fully working order. Don’t be tempted to simply do the basics, either. Take it to a specialist, and get them to perform a full service to check for any issues. You also want to bring some duct tape with you on the track day, just in case anything does fall off!

Tyres & Engine

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’ll need to make sure your tyres are road-safe for this task. This means checking the tread depth to ensure you’re at the legal limit. If there are any dents or damage to the surface of the wheels, they won’t be suitable. In terms of the engine, it shouldn’t have any leaks whatsoever. The battery needs to be secured, and terminals should be covered.


In an instance where you’ll be relying on copious amounts of speed, your brakes need to be in perfect working order. Once again, you need to ensure that leaks aren’t an issue. Your brake pads will take a battering on the track, so they also need to be in excellent shape. Make sure your brake fluid is at the right level, too.




You’ll be flying around the track at high speeds and pulling off tight manoeuvres. Because of this, it’s important to ensure that you are kept safe at all times. In terms of the basics, make sure your seat belts are working as intended. You’re also going to need a top-notch helmet that could potentially save your life! There are many different things you can do when it comes to safety. The more you consider, the safer you will be.

Buy A New One?

If all of this sounds like a hassle to you, an alternative is to simply buy a track ready car. A “ track ready machine such as the new 695 Biposto” can be sought at Thames Motor Group, for example. There are lots of different track ready cars on the market that won’t require extensive preparation for the big day. If you’ve got the money to spend, there’s no better solution.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what you’ll need to make your car track ready. Before you take your car onto the track, it will be checked to make sure it’s safe. It’s your duty to do extensive research and make sure every area of the car is covered. Then, all that’s left to do is to kick into top gear and enjoy the track experience!

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