Motorcycle Parts To Replace Before A Long Distance Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle Parts To Replace Before A Long Distance Motorcycle Ride

If you’re thinking of taking your next adventure on the back of your motorcycle, you’re probably already planning everything to make sure that your trip goes smoothly. Upgrading your parts and getting new gear is all part of the deal, but if you really want to ensure that nothing happens while on the road you will have to start replacing motorcycle parts as well. Unless you have a brand new ride, here is what you should focus on the most, brought to you by

Motorcycle Parts


Don’t get caught on the road when something goes wrong. If you haven’t changed your oil or brake fluid in a while, then now is the time to replace them. Having new fluids in your bike will make it purr like a kitten.

Hoses and Belts

As far as Yamaha replacement parts go, most bikers won’t check these components too often. Thankfully, though, they are the easiest to inspect as all you have to do is look for cracks or bends that shouldn’t be there. Even if it seems okay, don’t chance it.


This part should only be replaced if it looks damaged or excessively worn, and make sure that you have a professional handle it if that’s the case. If it doesn’t need a full replacement, then be sure to at least clean it.


Unless you’ve changed these within the last thousand miles or so, you should replace them before you head out. Both the oil and air filter can affect gas mileage and efficiency, and you want to make sure that both are in peak condition while out on the road.

Overall, when looking at replacements, you might have to get a pro to check your bike to ensure that you don’t miss anything. Also, feel free to use OEM motorcycle parts, so you don’t break your budget before you leave.

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