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Look Enclosed Trailer Review: What You Need to Know

Look Enclosed Trailer Review: What You Need to Know

There are so many brands of cargo trailers in Utah that are of great reputation and value. But we are going to vividly look at one of these brands called “Look enclosed trailers.” We going to find out what others have been saying, it services, product and above all it durability. For those guys who have been thinking of buying from Look cargo trailer, read on! This might just be what you are looking for.

 Company’s Overview and Structure

Look is a relatively new company, just founded in 2010 with aan aim to make the ever best quality trailer cargo in the North America by making real partnerships with suppliers for creating the products having various features, services, and good value.

Limited Warranty

Look enclosed trailer has a warranty of three years that dealers give buyers for purchasing a particular model. These modelscomprises of:welds, headers, coupler, frame of door, main-rails, A-frame, tongue, cross-members, andupright posts rooftop bows.

The warranty of one year is confined towindows, doors, aluminium, TPO or plastics goods, electrical, stone guard, coverings of floor, plumbing, cabinets, trim, lights, improperclaim of undercoat orpaint, and sealants. The products other than above mentioned, which the manufacturer install in the cargo are not included in the warranty, but these products might be warranted by the dealer.

Limited Warranty


What are Buyers Saying?

The Negative:

A buyer who had experience with Look enclosed cargo trailer claimed that buyers should not get the version with the steel frame and aluminium box. He claimed that all steel rusted through the paint after the first winter.

The Positive:

Another buyer said that he had two seasons on his “R&R PSD Deluxe” and it has been good. He also said that he had problem with a side door hinge breaking but they sent him a new one right away and it was an easy repair. He also had a larger Stealth that he haul his UTV’s in and have been happy with that as well.

The Positive

 John King said, “I agree that there are many similarities between the trailers but you have to make sure you get them with the options that matters.  The R&R was pretty easy because almost everything is included in the PSD Deluxe package and it is very price competitive against other trailers with the same options.  The Stealth on the other hand is much more difficult to compare because there are so many options you can choose from.  You can go from a bare bones base model to a fully optioned unit with heavy duty everything including thicker side walls and roof material, heavier duty framing, all stainless hardware etc. My Stealth has most all of this and I will admit it is probably constructed a bit better overall than the R&R but you have to be ready to pay more for that construction as well.”

The Positive 2

The Positive 3

“I have a 2013 7 x 23 (18′ box) Look closed enclosed trailer. This is my 3rd full season on it, although I have been doing a lot of local riding this season. That aside, I have had no major issues with this trailer. Mine has torsion axles, finished interior, both spring assist ramp doors, two fuel doors, brakes on both axles (really nice) and aluminium wheels. The only thing that I found that has been subpar with this trailer was the wiring junction box they used to connect the trailer plug harness to the wiring in the trailer near the tongue of the trailer. They used a common household recepticle box that wasn’t sealed in any way shape or form. I went to the local NAPA and bought a plastic sealed automotive junction box and rewired the connections and it is now the way I would have done it in the first place. Everything else except one marker light on the top of the left fender that works intermittently which I suspect is a ground issue has performed flawlessly. I travelled 7hrs from NY to Mich to get this trailer because I saved $5k over any other brand with similar options and couldn’t touch a used trailer for what I paid for this one new,” said Collin wood. He also said, “Oh by the way, I have had 3 renegades and a 121 in this trailer with room to spare, FYI.”

So, areLook Enclosed Trailersworth Buying?

In all honesty, I think they are worth buying; my judgment is basically due to the above comment of what buyers have said. Also, considering the kind of features they offer like the custom enclosed trailers for any trailering need. If you want to make your trailer stand out, customize, then Look cargo trailer Utah may be the right choice for you.

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