LED Emergency Lights – Powerful and Long Lasting Light Sources

LED Emergency Lights – Powerful and Long Lasting Light Sources

Emergency lights have evolved from being a single bulb encased in a revolving dome, to highly sophisticated LED bulbs, which make the job of emergency vehicles easier. Emergency lights have very specific requirements and specifications, and need to be functional with a number of vehicles. The design dynamics of LED emergency lights should be such that they should make the tasks of the security personnel easy. These lights are designed in a number of sizes and structures, keeping the varied needs of different types of emergency response vehicles. Designing these lights need special license, since there are strict rules regarding the intensity of the light emitted and the flash patterns.


Emergency lights have the flexibility to be either attached permanently to the vehicles, or to be attached and removed as needed by the emergency response personnel. The most common permanent LED Pro Headlights are large lightbars, which can be seen on a number of vehicles. Cop cars, Fire trucks and ambulances have these lightbars attached on top to increase the visibility when they are approaching a dense traffic zone, or navigating through the city. These lightbars can be customized as traffic advisers with a variety of flash patterns and blinking arrows incorporated into them. Some large-sized lightbars can also be programmed to display warning messages, directing the traffic to avoid the emergency roads and take diversions. The unit may consist of a large screen to display the texts and a lightbar that can blink at regular intervals.

The choices that are available in smaller and portable light sources are greater when compared to the fixed models. Smaller LED emergency lights have greater flexibility since they are portable, and can be used in a number of circumstances. They can act as hand-held light sources as well when needed, which is why they are constant companions of all patrol cars. Although patrol cars have lightbars fixed on top of the vehicles, portable lights are always stored as a backup, and emergency light source. These portable lights come in many forms like dash lights, mini lightbars, and strobe lights small enough to double as tail lights and much more.

The LED emergency lights can be powered up in a number of ways. Since they are LED lights, they do not take up all the energy from the battery and can last really long, once they are recharged. Portable smaller lights may have their own power units, which can be charged by plugging into a power outlet. They can also be connected into the recharging sockets inside the emergency vehicles for a quick recharge, enough to last for hours. Larger units are connected directly to the electric systems of the emergency vehicles. That way, they can be used constantly without having to worry about charging. They do not drain out the batteries of the vehicles, so they can be used even when the vehicles are stationary. These lights have to be purchased from a licensed vendor who follows the regulations diligently. Having the performance guarantee is necessary, so that emergency lights can be replaced without additional costs when not performing as expected.

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