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Is A Vehicle An Asset? Tips For Turning Your Car Into Cash

Is A Vehicle An Asset? Tips For Turning Your Car Into Cash

Is a vehicle an asset? What makes it an asset and what can you do with it?

Because of the ongoing pandemic, it may feel like you never stop running out of money. There are too many bills to pay and you only have so much money to spare.

We could help you with your money problem! Do you have an old car lying around useless in your garage? You can use that as your collateral for a loan.

Ready to learn how you can use your car as an asset and explore other ways to get money while you’re at it? Check out this simple guide we have for you!


Is a Car an Asset?

Yes, owning a car is an incredible asset. They have multiple uses and can earn you money if you know what to do and how to do it.

Another question you may have in mind, “is a car a liability?” The short answer is yes, it can be a liability.

Daily maintenance, repair cost, car insurance, and more mean more costs. That doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t need to take care of your car.

Having a well-maintained vehicle is going to go a long way. This is especially true if you are planning to use it as your collateral for vehicle title loans. We’ll outline more ways for you to gain money from your vehicle below.

What’s My Car’s Value?

There are several factors involved when it comes to valuing a car:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage
  • Dents and Embellishment

The value of your car may determine the amount of debt you can avail. One thing you should know is that the moment you buy your car, its value deteriorates in an instant.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s brand new or if you only bought it a week ago.

You don’t know how to assess your own car’s value? There are third party sites that can help determine the value of your vehicle based on its mileage, model, and year of purchase. You can also determine its value by contacting the manufacturer.

Vehicle Title Loans

First off, what are title loans? These are loans in which lenders require an asset (a property you owned) to use as collateral from the borrowers.

Vehicle title loans or car title loans are using your car’s equity (the value of your car) for securing the money you got from them.

If you somehow fail to pay back the money, the lender can legally seize the title of your car. They now own your car and sell it to pay off the debt you owe.

How Do Vehicle Title Loans Work?

The process for vehicle title loans is not the same for every state and country. It could be different because the rules and regulations they impose can vary a lot. There are even states that ban car title loans and others who are a bit laxer about it.

Once you decide on getting a loan, the process is quite straightforward. You only need to get all the requirements needed and do the paperwork involved. Of course, don’t forget about the title of your car.

As long as you pay your loan back, there should not be much of a problem.

But there will be instances where the process might get a bit more complicated like negotiating for a higher loan, missing documents, etc. They should help you every step of the way, don’t be afraid to ask them anything you don’t know or understand.

Always make sure to read the contract before signing anything.


Do you want to get rid of your current car? Are you planning to buy a newer, faster car? Why don’t you trade your old car then?

But before going anywhere, you should still research to fully capitalize on trading your car.

The dealer might offer you a much lower price than the average value of your car. This is because they will repair any dents and damages your car might have upon purchase. That is why you need to be smart about it.

Try to repair any minor problems like dents and scratches to make the value higher.

Delivery Service

Nowadays, delivering services are becoming more popular as the pandemic continues. People are not allowed to go outside willy-nilly. They need (essential) things to get delivered right into their doorstep.

You can offer courier services to transport items, deliveries, and packages.

Work with nearby business owners that cannot or don’t want to deliver stuff on their own. It may also include additional payment like purchasing your service if they want you to do the shopping for them.


Did you know you can get paid by putting some advertisement on your car? If you don’t mind driving around wrapped with ads, this can help you earn money.

The best thing is you can do this while you’re doing your regular chores and/or going to work.

Keep in mind there is a standard you need to qualify to work in these programs. You need to reach a certain mileage, clean and spotless driving record, car insurance, etc.

Car Rental/Service

You could let people rent out your car or drive them where they want to go. It can be a drive to the airport, work, mall, store, and even their house.

You can get paid per mile.

It is also possible to adjust your price range depending on the seasons, vehicle condition (new or old), and how long the rental is (short term or long term). You can offer your services to corporate clients who need a car to drop them off on an event and pick them up afterward.

Don’t like being a chauffeur for people? You can rent the car out. People can pay you before or after they use your car.

Why Is a Vehicle an Asset and How You Can Make Money

Here are the reasons why is a vehicle an asset! Remember to follow these tips and guides so when you finally decide to use your asset, you get the most out of it.

But you could always learn more. We have a wide selection of useful information that could help you make better decisions. Please read more of our auto and motor articles today!

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