Importance Of Oil Pressure Gauge In Increasing The Longevity Of Engine

Importance Of Oil Pressure Gauge In Increasing The Longevity Of Engine

Oil pressure is a crucial factor that impacts the longevity and durability of combustion engines used in motor vehicles. Maintaining proper oil pressure ensures the proper functioning of the engine without much wear and tear, as the oil lubricates the different parts of the engine. An oil pressure gauge helps you to know the oil pressure in the engine.  If the oil pressure exceeds the normal value, it indicates a blocked filter or the use of wrong grade oil. On the other hand, a lower oil pressure means a broken oil pump or worn out bearings.

Most of the premium cars are fitted with an electrical gauge that displays the readings on the dashboard. Some manufacturers also provide an oil pressure switch that switches on a warning light, if there is any change in the oil pressure. It helps the car owners to rectify the problems at the initial stage and avoid major breakdowns, which may lead to serious complications and expensive repairs.

Longevity Of Engine

There are three readings that are provided by the oil pressure gauge.

  • A zero reading means the car is in idling state. A zero reading does not occur at high speeds. And if it does, the reading means that either the oil level is low, or the pump is damaged or broken. It is always advisable to stop driving the car, and get the necessary repair done as soon as possible.
  • A continuous low reading when the vehicle is in idling state means a damage to the engine parts that is causing a drop in the pressure. You should get the engine checked immediately by authorized technicians to avoid major damage in the long run.
  • A high reading on the gauge means a blockage in the oil pipes, which is causing the pressure to go up. A constant high pressure is very dangerous and may lead to the oil filter bursting. It is advisable to switch off the engine and get the necessary repair done immediately.

It is very important to regularly follow the readings on the gauge and take necessary precautions if there is any change in the readings. You should also get the pressure gauge checked regularly to ensure its proper functioning. Any frequent fluctuations in the readings must be thoroughly checked and the gauge should be immediately repaired to ensure accurate readings.

A gauge plays an important role in increasing the life of the car engine. Always get a quality gauge that shows accurate readings. There are a lot of reputed brands in the market dealing with these gauges. Review all the brands and select a gauge, best suitable for your car.

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