How To Get A Car Shipping Quote Online

How To Get A Car Shipping Quote Online

Are you thinking of moving to another state or another country? How about living in the United States? Here’s some good news: you can bring your car with you. Even better, you can now get a car shipping quote online, which saves you a great deal of hassle and time. Plus, it can be cost effective.

But how do you find and choose the best car shipping company? Find great car shipping quotes with these tips:

1. Know your budget.

How much are you willing to spend for car shipping? Prices can significantly vary, and many factors can affect the costs. These include the destination, shipping method, model of car, insurance, and even shipping dates. Having a budget helps narrow down your choices early on. Moreover, some companies are willing to negotiate, and you can use your budget when discussing the final costs. Lastly, it will help you decide whether shipping or buying a new car is a much cheaper option for you.

Car Shipping Quote Online

2. Get at least five online quotes.

When it comes to getting car shipping quotes, patience is a virtue. Choose at least five of the most reputable companies that operate in your state and compare their prices. Just a note, though: don’t immediately settle for the cheapest one. In fact, don’t focus on the price alone but rather the value for money:

Does the cost include door-to-door shipping?

Will the company also shoulder the insurance coverage?

Are there other hidden charges?

3. Skip the brokers.

Car shipping brokers can certainly speed up the process of getting car quotes, but they can be costly. This is because these brokers need to earn a commission from every transaction. Unless you desperately need a quote now – and it’s not really advisable to ask for one when you’re under a lot of pressure or stress – search by yourself.

4. Be flexible with your dates.

Think of it this way: nobody likes pressure. These car shipping companies are no different. Before you, they have others (even hundreds) of customers to take care of. If you want to be first by giving them a fixed schedule or date, then you should be willing to pay a premium.

5. Look for quotes ahead of time.

Don’t just learn how to get a car shipping quote online. Have the best one, which is always the cost decided based on rational thinking. A lot of relocations don’t happen overnight, so you can have at least a month or two to look and pick.

Warnings to Remember

Don’t provide your credit card information. You’re just getting a quote, not paying for the service.

Be careful of companies that ask for a fee. Quotes are usually available for free.

Watch out for those that feel suspicious. Usually, they have a bad-looking website with very scarce details about the company including their services and contact details.

Pay attention to red flags. Go to Better Business Bureau and check if these companies have existing complaints.

Do you now know how to get a car shipping quote online? With these tips, you will make the right decision.

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