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How to Choose the Most Suitable Brake Line for Your Car

How to Choose the Most Suitable Brake Line for Your Car

Every car relies on its brake lines to remain safe on the road, providing the control needed to drive without crashing and protecting both the car’s occupants and other road users. Since they are so important to car safety, many types of brake hose have been developed, each offering a slightly different solution to the creation of the ideal brake system. When choosing a brake line, how can you choose between these types? Which is the best for you? To answer that, you will need to consider questions like:

What Do You Need in a Brake Hose?

The most important question, and one which impacts the other questions, is “what do you need in a brake hose?” Do you need a brake hose which is resistant to impacts and abrasions caused by rough terrain? Or do you need something which is easy to work with and maintain? Whatever you need, BrakeQuip can help you.

Suitable Brake Line for Your Car

What Sorts of Brake Hose Are There?

There are many types of brake hose, each offering a slightly different set of advantages and disadvantages based on their design and material choice used in their construction. Some, like braided steel brake lines, consist of a mix of materials with a complex woven structure, while others, like the Ezibend copper nickel tube, are a single unbroken line with other materials and components used only on the fittings and fixtures. The three most popular and effective brake hose types, and the three most commonly stocked by BrakeQuip, are the braided steel brake line, the rubber brake hose and the copper nickel tube.

Braided Steel Brake Lines

Braided steel brake lines consist of a hose wrapped in a mesh of braided steel slats, which form a tight-knit armour around the hose. This woven steel serves three purposes – first, it prevents any expansion of the brake hose from intense braking pressure, meaning that even the most dramatic of braking manoeuvres will be carried out with full brake pressure, and no force lost to hose expansion.

Secondly, the steel armour is just that – armour! A braided steel brake line is resistant to damage by external forces thanks to its protective metal weave, making it ideal for use in vehicles which travel over rough ground, in areas which are likely to harbour hazards like branches and other situations in which a brake line risks making contact with a potential hazard, protecting the brake lines and the people on board!

Lastly, braided steel brake lines are used for their appearance, as the attractive steel lines stand out and match the rest of your car’s appearance, especially which coloured to match. Complete the aesthetic with a braided steel brake hose today!

Rubber Brake Hose

Coming as standard on most cars and other vehicles, rubber brake hoses are a high-quality and cost-effective brake hose type available from BrakeQuip. Proven to show minimal expansion in heavy braking scenarios, rubber brake lines are hardy and easy to replace in the event of a problem. With excellent moisture resistance and a temperature range spanning -50°C to 121°C, these weatherproof brake hoses are an ideal brake hose type for many motorists.

Copper Nickel Brake Tube

Copper nickel brake tubes have a variety of advantages over other brake hose types. For starters, it is very easy to work with, easy to bend, flare, cut and otherwise manipulate, and its copper colour makes it very easy to see when working on the car brake lines. Exceeding international standards for performance and safety, the copper nickel brake tubes from BrakeQuip can even be bent by hand when adjusting them, making them an ideal hose where regular auto work is required.

As an added bonus, the copper nickel brake tube is completely resistant to corrosion and rusting, and polishes to a brilliant shine, making it a gorgeous addition to many vehicles.

Advice and Enquiries

The best way to decide which brake hose type is ideal for you is to speak to the experts – and there are few who can match the expertise of BrakeQuip’s technicians. They will be able to take into account your vehicle type, driving environment, intended end result, maintenance requirements and budget to find a perfect brake hose solution for your needs – get in touch today!

Contact BrakeQuip for High-Quality Brake Lines Today!

For more information on the high-quality brake hoses from BrakeQuip, you can get in touch with them on 01257 220010 or visit their website by clicking through any of the links included in this blog post! The brake line experts at the BrakeQuip head office will be happy to help, and can answer any questions you may have, provide any advice you may need and process any orders which you may require. Alternatively, they can provide information on the different types of brake hose available from BrakeQuip, along with which one is most likely to provide the ideal performance for you based on your car and requirements. Lastly, as part of the enquiry process, you can get in touch with BrakeQuip for a quote on brake hose for your car, whatever you need!

What are you waiting for? For all your brake line needs, get in touch with BrakeQuip today!

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