How to Become a Professional Truck Driver in Canada

How to Become a Professional Truck Driver in Canada

Becoming a truck driver may not seem like the most complicated process in the world – it’s just driving, right? – but there is more to it than a lot of people think.  Potential drivers need to be aware of the many different variables which can exist in their chosen career path, from choosing the right service to drive for to ensuring that they have the right personality type for the job in the first place.

If, however, you have decided that truck driving is the career path for you, then read on!  This article will discuss finding a school, gathering the appropriate paper work, and end with more info on the commercial license and how to get one.

The trucking industry is all about liability, so before you even apply for schooling in how to be a truck driver, you need to consider whether or not you are qualified.


If you have a criminal record, this needs to be taken into consideration.  While different trucking services have different rules and requirements around what criminal records they deem acceptable, they are all very strict when it comes to driving offences (for obvious reasons).

While you can get a Commercial Driving Licence (CDL) without attending a proper school for it, this approach isn’t recommended.  It is very difficult to attain a licence this way, and most trucking companies won’t accept it.  It’s best to either find a school that offers a CDL program or enrol on a company-sponsored CDL program.

If you go down the route of going to a truck driving school to attain your CDL, then it is important to choose the right one.  Not every company is legitimate, and the one you choose will have a huge impact on both your skills in driving and your ability to get a job at the end of the course.  There are pros and cons to this approach, but then there are pros and cons to attending a program which is sponsored directly by a truck driving company as well, so it is down to you to do the research and decide which school is best.

Once you have found a school and won your CDL, you need to find a company.  While truck driving companies do not require experience in truck driving before they hire (this is an attempt to remove barriers for first-time drivers, so it is a point in your favour), there are so many different companies out there that choosing which one to work for can become difficult.  Despite what was said above about the attempts to remove barriers for first time drivers from the industry, there are certain companies which will be more open to hiring new graduates than others.

However, it is still best to apply to as many companies as possible, and you should preferably start to apply to those jobs as soon as you know when you are due to finish your schooling. Once you have enough experience, you can get your own trucking authority and start your own company.

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