How Long Will Motorcycle Second Hand Parts Last?

How Long Will Motorcycle Second Hand Parts Last?

The answer depends on the parts, the bike, and most importantly, where you buy the parts from. Used parts are very attractive because they are cheaper than buying new, sometimes considerably so, and you might need your money for other things, but the long-term result of buying used parts can be costly if you don’t buy wisely.

The best advice is, don’t buy from unknown sellers on ebay or Gumtree or similar sites, stick with tried, trusted and reviewed sellers, who you can return the parts to if there is a problem. If you buy from unknown sellers who can’t be contacted or have parts returned to them, then what you see advertised may not be what you are sent, and you can be sent parts with hidden defects or wear and tear.

Motorcycle Second Hand Parts Last

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Fowlers online spare parts site has an easy search facility for you to find any second hand part you may require from the largest range of parts in the country, from all different manufacturers, and expert advice is on hand if you need it. Open 7 days a week, you can phone, email, message online or write.

Lifespan of Spare Parts.

Second hand parts can last the bike’s lifetime sometimes, it depends on the type of bike and parts, the use of the bike, heavy use, commuter, off road, etc, and it depends on the quality and fitting of the parts. Always buy from a reputable parts firm, and always make sure the parts are fitted properly. Here is a link to an article about buying your motorcycle spares:

Also, very importantly, use parts from your bike manufacturer or recommended by them. Parts designed for other bikes or universally are likely to have a shorter lifespan and not be as effective if you use them on your machine, and are also at risk of not being adequate, leading to breakages, breakdowns, or even accidents, as well as wear as well as possible lasting damage to the machine.
Here is some independent professional advice on buying used parts:

Buy wisely.

Parts bought from other bikers or obscure internet sales can have hidden damage and wear, and also if not fitted properly, can break. The risk to you and the bike at high speed is too much with bad parts or bad fitting. Make sure you can buy with confidence from a trusted source and return if the part is not the right one or is damaged.

The last thing you want is your precious motorcycle damaged, so buy wisely and your parts should last. Bike safely!

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