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Hire a Limo for Parties and Weddings

Hire a Limo for Parties and Weddings

For wedding services, senior and junior prom parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, VIP night, sporting events, concerts, casino limo bus service and Limousine huren Rotterdam tours are some of the available options for the customers to choose from. On request he can also opt for a customized package. Here every kind of facility is upgraded to your need but only thing is you have let go, sit back and enjoy. The money spent will worth it because of its exclusiveness.


Check out the fleet

The showrooms of the limos that would be chosen for your service are open and you can go pick the one you so desire. All the high end cars are in up to date condition. And before you know it you would have arrived in style to your destination. These classic cars provide the icing to your perfect evening or moment of celebration.

Forms to be filled

Putting down your personal information, trip details and your price quote, will help to process your limo service requirement.

Type rental policy

There is a deposit to be placed during the time of reservation, the percentages vary for every service provider which is non transferable or non refundable.

The payment of balance depends on the event so desired for and fixed by the service provider. Some limo providers do not accept credit cards for the balance payments.

Overtime are charged by cash and given to the chauffeur and rate depends on the number of hours and the event.

How to cancel

If you have to cancel your reservation, a letter should be duly provided, by the person who made the reservation, the notice of cancellation has to be days in advance and the number of days are also depended on limo service policy.

If the cancellation is within a time frame then no penalty is charged, but you will have to forfeit your deposit. If the notice is not given within the stipulated time then the balance is required from the account that you had provided initially.

Requests for changes

If there are modification in the timings and destination etc. it has to be informed priorly and the time limit for notifying is set aside for this by the limo service provider.

Insurance cover

The limousine service provider has a stable insurance cover on all their limos and the rates depend on the state they are dwelling.

Damage policy

The car is inspected before providing to the customer, there no drinking, no drugs, eating inside the limo. If the rules are not followed the chauffeur can terminate the reservation. There is charge for cleaning after use and the rate depends on the service provider.


In case of breakdown a replacement vehicle will be provide so as to not disturb the schedule of the customer. However the customer has to maintain a good conduct throughout the service and the rules lay down by the company. After the service provided the balance payment has to be made otherwise, there would be legal hassles to deal with.

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