Expensive Motor Cycles

Expensive Motor Cycles

Every one of us has the dream of driving Harley Davidson like Arnold Schwarzenegger drives in Terminator movie. From the childhood, we cannot forget the scene in our mind. It is not only about Arnold Schwarzenegger but also about driving the bikes.  There are many cars available in the market. But the feeling of riding a motor is always the best.  Motor cycles are very compact.  You don’t have to take a big automobile like car to go to any place.   Motor bikes are the choice for the person who loves to travel single. Forget the compactness; it is always a great pleasure in riding the motor cycle. There are many peoples in the society, who prefers motor cycle than cars.  Motor Bike lovers are high in our society since a long time.


 Power and expense of the bike:

        Bikes are available in different rates. According to the speed and comfort, it rates differ. People love to use the motor bikes with high power. CC is nothing but Cubic Centimeter. The power of the bike is measured in this cubic centimeter.  Depending on the cubic centimeter, the speed and power of the motor bikes varies. Speed in the bikes is what makes us to love them. The one who doesn’t involve in driving motorbikes is definitely miss the great pleasure in their life.  There are hundreds of companies involves themselves in the manufacturing of the motor bikes. But not all the companies are popular and famous. There are many motorbike news in the internet but try to read the five very expensive motorcycles. Reading them will help you to identify the expensive bikes in the world. You can also find the reasons for the price of the bike.

 Popular brands in motor bikes:

                 As I said before, there are thousands of brands available in the motor bike. Some of the powerful and popular motor bike companies are Harley Davidson, Hellcat, Ducati, Yamaha, Hildebrand& Wolfmuller etc. They are also the expensive one in the market.  Among the all, Yamaha is the less expensive motorbike.  But an upper middle class people can only own this bike. Yamaha is cheap among the above enlisted bike not with all the brand in the market.

        Mileage is the one thing we concentrate while buying them. But you cannot expect the mileage in expensive bikes and sports bike. You can get very low mileage in the sports bike.  For the people who buy those expensive bikes, mileage is not a thing to consider.  There are many motor bike magazines are available in the market.  These magazines are very popular among the bike lovers. If you want to update yourself with the new bikes, it is better to buy the magazines. They will explain all the positives and negatives about the motor bike that is released in the marked.

        If you plan to buy the sports bike, choose the best one.  There are many experts in bikes are available in the internet. It is always a wise idea to consult them.

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