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Customer Service Features You Should Demand From Your Car Dealership

Customer Service Features You Should Demand From Your Car Dealership



A car is one of the most expensive investments you can make. In addition to the upfront cost of buying or leasing, there are various other costs to worry about. This includes insurance, repairs, adjustments and fuel.

Because you’ll be spending so much on your car, you’ll want to get it from a trusted dealer. If your dealership doesn’t offer good customer service, you may want to look elsewhere. Here are some of the most important customer service features every good dealership should exhibit.


It’s a tip you’ve probably heard countless times, but if you’re buying a used car, you require documentation. Your dealer should always supply you with V5C vehicle registration document. This details the previous owners and past maintenance work. You should also see a history of MOT certificates. This can help you confirm the mileage is correct and you’re not getting ripped off.

Used car dealerships should offer especially good customer service if they want to keep customers. For more tips on buying a used car, click here.

Motability Scheme

If you’re disabled and need a car, find a dealership who offers good service for disabled motorists. For example, see the TC Harrison Motability. Motability schemes make buying or renting a motor vehicle more affordable for those with disabilities.

Good Motability schemes help disabled people find a suitable vehicle. Additionally, they help with insurance, maintenance, servicing and advice. This takes a lot of stress out of the whole process, and can really make a good dealership stand out from the rest for disabled customers.


Warranty is often covered by the brand of the car itself, offering free repairs and replacements. However, dealerships dedicated to good customer service will also offer warranties to give you peace of mind.

This usually includes features such as roadside assistance and mileage warranty. If a car presents a significant fault within 30 days of purchase, all dealerships are legally obligated to repair or refund the car. Good used car dealerships will also offer warranty on breakdowns for at least a year, although they are not legally obligated to. More about warranties can be read here.

Inspections and Tests

Dealerships should always offer a series of inspections and tests to ensure your car is of the best quality possible before you drive it off the lot. This will usually involve a 75-point check, which involves checking that all parts on the car are up to a high standard. They should also provide handbooks, 2 sets of keys and mileage verification for the best customer service.


Car dealers are dealing in an expensive industry. Motor vehicles can be problematic, so they should always be available to customers for any important queries. Many car dealerships offer a website with a live chat feature, but you should also be able to phone them if you need to.

All of this in addition to a warm, friendly attitude and honesty can set apart a good car dealership. If you’re running a car dealership, you should aim to offer the best quality of customer service to sell more and keep a good reputation. If you’re buying a car, these are the things you should look out for in a dealership.

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