TriboTEX Best for Your Vehicle

Founded in Pullman Washington by Pavlo Rudenko (CTO), a recent Ph.D. graduate in Materials Science and Engineering from Washington State University, TriboTEX began in 2012. Rudenko started development over seven years ago of a lubrication additive composed of two-sided proprietary nanosheets that reverse wear and enhances lubricity in internal combustion engines and large commercial gearboxes. One side of the nanoparticle […]

Cheap Ways to Pimp Your Ride

If you are so into cars, you must have spent a considerable amount of time shopping for your car and ensuring that it came with all your preferred features. This notwithstanding, there is always that urge to customize it and give it that personal feel and look.The cost of modifications can vary depending on what you are looking for. Luckily, […]

What To Do if Your Car Breaks Down

Driveways, Motorways, Minor Roads & Dual Carriageways In the Real World, things don’t always go to plan. Liberty Insurance get that, that’s why they’re here to help when things get real. In the first of their Real World Blog series, we look at the measures you need to take in the unfortunate event of a breakdown. Most drivers don’t expect […]