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Buying A Used Mercedes Benz – A Complete Guide

Buying A Used Mercedes Benz – A Complete Guide

Getting a used Mercedes Benz car can be an excellent choice, provided that you have the sufficient knowledge of how to identify good offers from the bad, and trustworthy dealers from the shady ones. You can not only get a top quality vehicle at a fraction of the cost but can also travel in a car that evokes respect and awe no matter where you ride them. Below, we look at a few things you should keep in mind when buying a used Benz car.

Buying A Used Mercedes Benz


Luxury cars like Benz are most depreciated within the first four to five years. After which they are depreciated at around the same rate like other cars from Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and so on. So, if you are looking for a Benz at the cheapest possible price but not too old at the same time, then look for models about three or four years old.

Cost Of Ownership

You must also consider the cost of ownership of the Benz. This includes things like regular maintenance, insurance, gas mileage, and so on. Calculate such costs of all your preferred used Benz cars, compare them, and find those which offer the best value for money.


As discussed earlier, you should try to limit your purchase to a three or a maximum four year old model. As far as possible, avoid Benz models that are more than 6 years old. Similarly, ensure that they have been used only for less than 75,000 miles. This will ensure that you get the car in its best possible condition.


Make sure that the car has been thoroughly checked by the seller. All its internal components must be rigorously tested and certified to work in perfect condition. If a dealer is sketchy when it comes to revealing whether a specific Benz has been tested or not, then it is better that you avoid them. Instead, only look to buy from dealers who test the vehicles before putting them up for sale.

Extra Benefits

Some dealers will provide one year (or more) limited warranty on components. As such, it is better to buy a Benz from them even if you end up paying a slightly higher price. You may also come across offers that promise 24-hour roadside assistance. Be sure to check for all such extra benefits before making your purchase.

A used Mercedes-Benz can turn out to be much better deal than other newer cars in the same price range.  For example, a brand new Honda CRV might cost you close to 24,000 pounds. However, a used 2015 Benz S Class will also cost you only about 24,000 pounds. And when you compare both of them, you will realize that the Benz S Class is definitely a clear choice if you are okay with owning used vehicle instead of a new car since the Benz will feel more luxurious. Plus, riding a Mercedes will always be more comfortable than riding a brand new Honda.

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