Big Mistakes When Making A Car Accident Claim

Big Mistakes When Making A Car Accident Claim

It’s never a good thing when car accidents happen. However, when it involves two drivers, someone’s usually more at fault than the other. If you’ve been in such an accident, and you know you’re going to be pursuing a claim, then you may have a long and complicated road ahead of you. There are a range of mistakes people make when locked in an injury claim. Here are a few that you need to avoid.


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First of all, failing to get a police report. Obviously, if you’re involved in an accident, you’re a witness to it. However, seen as you’re a party in the legal case, your testimony will only take you so far. A police report of the accident you were in will be a powerful piece of evidence in the case ahead of you. This is an unbiased, factual report based on what a police officer determined at the scene. You’ll have access to it whenever you want. I suggest you use this! Read through the report, and dispute anything which you think might be inaccurate before the case. It’s also a good idea to take the officer’s name and badge number. You can find more on police reports at .

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Another common mistake is telling insurance companies too much about the incident. Like a lot of people, you might buy into the stereotype that all lawyers are snakes. Believe me, they’ve got nothing on insurance companies! Of course, you’re going to need to provide some information about the incident to your insurance company. However, if you overspill it could end up hurting your case. If an insurance company asks for your social security number, think twice about giving it to them. They might use it to go through your medical records, and try to prove that your injuries were from something other than the car accident. Most importantly, don’t sign anything an insurance company gives you until you’ve understood it and are happy with the settlement.

medical treatment

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Finally, not seeking all the proper medical treatment after the accident. This ties in pretty closely with my previous point. Car accidents are caused by all kinds of factors. From negligence to drunk driving to the design of the vehicle itself. You can find more info from Although the accident may not have been your fault, there’s a reason they call it “injury law”. The outcome of the claim is going to hinge on the condition of your actual injury. If you don’t have your injuries treated to a normal standard, then it’s going to be a big hindrance to the strength of your case. Both insurers and judges will doubt the amount of pain you say you’re in. Obviously, evidence of the injury is a helpful thing to have. However, you should never avoid medical treatment after an auto incident. As I’m sure you’re aware, this extends far past the legal side of things!

Make sure you avoid these mistakes when making a car accident claim. From there, there’ll be nothing stopping you from getting the justice you deserve.

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