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All You Want to know About the Variety of Ford Cars

All You Want to know About the Variety of Ford Cars

In the last few years, the automobile industry around the world has shown an immense amount of growth. In this particular market, Ford stands as one of the top names to be reckoned with especially as far as sales are concerned. The carmaker has recently expanded into newer markets outside its traditional confines of Europe and North America and it also plans to expand significantly in those markets. In fact, the organization is also investing quite heavily in building up its infrastructure in these markets. The cars of Ford have been doing really well. So, come, let us have a look at these cars.

Variety of Ford Cars

Ford Endeavour

You can get your preferred Ford car model from your Connecticut Ford dealer. The car comes blessed with four-wheel drive facility that can be shifted even as you are driving. Apart, from that, it looks pretty tough as well. It can truly be said, without exaggerating even a bit, that this car sets the road on fire. The car also has a 3-liter turbo diesel engine that is capable of providing 154 BHP (brake horsepower). The engine in this car has been fused with a five-speed automatic transmission setup. It is also blessed with some splendid off-road dynamics as well.

Ford Fiesta

Fiesta is a spirited vehicle, to say the least, and can respond pretty quickly as well. It comes with Dura, a piece of groundbreaking technology. The car provides you a driving experience that is smoother than anything else and the vehicle itself happens to be highly stable as well. It comes in two variants – one that has a 1.4-liter diesel engine and the other one that has a 1.6-liter petrol engine. It has five-speed manual transmission facilities as well. This allows you to shift the gears without any mistake and in a highly crisp way as well.

This one here is a compact luxury sedan and is blessed with interiors that give you the highest levels of comfort. The safety features on this car are of the highest order as well. You would also get good ride quality and acceleration from this car.

Ford Fusion

The appearance of this car can be described as being practical and bold at the same time. You should definitely order your Ford car from the Best Ford dealer in Connecticut. Ford has stated that this one here is the lightest and smallest of them all. It is also said to have one of the newest engines developed by the car maker. It is sleek and spacious, something that works so much in its favor.

Ford Ikon

Ford Ikon is a charming car, to say the least. Its bumpers are athletic and the finish is glossy and chic as well. There is plenty of room in the interiors and the performance of the car is smooth as well, something that only adds to its charm as such. The car also performs really smoothly. All these factors have really played a major part in drawing people towards the car.

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