A Simple Solution for Motorcycle Fatigue

A Simple Solution for Motorcycle Fatigue

As rejuvenating and adventurous a motorcycle ride can be, it can also take a physical toll on the rider. Some of the common pains and aches include tension in the neck, a stiffness of the arms, and pain in the lower and upper back along with the shoulders.

Motorcycle seat cushions can help alleviate these aches and niggles caused by extensive riding. By adding a saddle pad to your motorcycle seat, you would be giving yourself a better cushioning for those long rides.

Motorcycle Fatigue

Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is one of the main duties of a high-quality seat cushion. Riding over rough roads, or if you are taking your two-wheeler off-road, can lead to a lot of bumps that can stress your backbone and core muscles. The seat cushion takes in some of the shocks of bumpy rides giving your back some respite.

Reduce Seat Friction, Enjoy Longer Rides

When you add a good saddle pad to your motorbike, it reduces the friction between the seat and your body. With reduced friction, the blood circulation increases and you do not suffer from numb buttocks. It also reduces the chances of chafing. A more comfortable ride waits. Remember that once your ride is more comfortable, you will be able to enjoy longer rides.

With different motorcycle models and companies, you need to buy saddle pads that are more customized for the best fit and usage experience. Pro Pad Motorcycle seat cushions offer a lot of choices. The main bike companies covered include Harley Davidson bikes, Indians, Kawasaki models, Hondas, Yamaha motorcycles, and Suzuki motorcycles.

Find the Right Finish

The seat that comes with your motorcycle is meant to fit in with the machine’s design, but it may not fit your butt. This is why it is necessary to add a seat that offers better cushioning. You do not lose out on the aesthetics too. Different finishes are available. The Gel Pro Pad designs come in fabric, leather, quilted diamond mesh, sheepskin, and the tech series.

Sheepskin is one of the most popular materials for customized motorcycle seats. It offers very good insulation for summer and winter rides. The combination of a sheepskin finish and gel is ideal for those looking for maximum comfort. Leather adds aesthetics to your bike and it is also very durable.

The medical grade polymer gel in the Pro Pad seat cushion is what gives you that wonderful comfort. Gel is flexible and allows for more depth, adding to the shock absorption qualities. Many riders prefer gel seats because it reacts to the body. The gel is cut to reduce pressure on the tailbone. The gel pad may stretch over the original seat width, allowing more seating space and increasing comfort.

Stay Safe

Apart from adding seat cushions to your bikes, there are some stretches and exercises you can perform to reduce the overall body pain of a long ride. Other tips include constant rehydration and good rest time. Riders should also be able to identify that they need to stop when major signs of fatigue set in.

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