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5 Ways to Ensure You Get a Safe Parking Spot at the Mall

5 Ways to Ensure You Get a Safe Parking Spot at the Mall

Parking can be a huge issue when going to a crowded public space. You could be visiting the beach, an event or just going to the mall on a weekend, but there will surely be problems when trying to find parking for your car. This is especially prevalent in shopping malls in regards to basement parking or paid parking areas found outside the building.

When you do find a spot where you can keep your vehicle, you constantly consider the possibility of it getting towed or being issued a ticket. Although there can be no avoidance of laws and rules related to moving and parked vehicles, you can make sure that once you park your car at the mall it will be safe upon your return.

Safe Parking Spot at the Mall

Park Intelligently

The trick is to always park intelligently. It can be difficult to think practically when parking. You may be stuck looking for a secure spot for an hour and this can easily make you irritable. Parking intelligently means looking for easy spaces between other cars and not going off to remote areas. It also means staying aware of any no parking regulations in your area and saving the stress of having your vehicle towed.

Lock and Stow

Make sure your car is safely locked after you park. People tend to forget the dangers of an unlocked car sitting idle. Even in authorized spaces it’s good to double check the automatic security system that locks the doors and be sure the alarm is on in case someone tries to steal the vehicle. If this is made into a habit then this will save you a lot of time that you would’ve spent worrying instead.

Remember Your License Plate Number

It’s uncanny how many people do not remember their license plate numbers and are not able to recognize their car based on it. If your car is towed or stolen then the first piece of information you have to give the authorities is the license plate number. This will not only give you an added benefit in the event of an announcement about your vehicle at the mall but also ensures its safe return in case of a theft.

Keep Track of Your Vehicle

To avoid a parking violation ticket you need to keep track of your vehicle. You can do this by downloading an app that registers your license plate and informs you in case of a disturbance or an issue so you can be notified immediately to avoid further hassle.

Stay Close to Video Cameras
Parking where your car can be monitored is always a smart move. Even when you are away for a few hours, your vehicle is being observed by authorities who can act immediately if there is any problem. Not only does this makes sure your car is safe but also will mitigate any parking responsibility on your part if you have done it correctly.


Although there is a global issue with parking spaces and violation of regulations, these steps can give you more leverage when you go to the mall and need to be away for quite a long period of time.

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