2018 Audi R8: Can It Be Your Dream Car?

When Audi released its all-new Audi R8, it was assumed that it would be still better than its last year’s model. As a sport car the 2018 Audi R8 looks stunning and that is the first thing you would notice about it. But certainly that is not all. The 2018 R8 remains to be equally phenomenal and an abundant display […]

How to Enter Your First Car Show

Have you ever been to a great car show and wanted to be a part of the show? Well organized car shows can be inspirational to most car owners who have a ride of their own but don’t know how to show it off. Getting involved in a car show is surprisingly easy since most car show organizers are always […]

What To Do if Your Car Breaks Down

Driveways, Motorways, Minor Roads & Dual Carriageways In the Real World, things don’t always go to plan. Liberty Insurance get that, that’s why they’re here to help when things get real. In the first of their Real World Blog series, we look at the measures you need to take in the unfortunate event of a breakdown. Most drivers don’t expect […]